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Why ‘Love, Victor’ Celebrity Michael Cimino Took a Gay Part Against Business Information

Why ‘Love, Victor’ Celebrity Michael Cimino Took a Gay Part Against Business Information

Hulu’s main character is very passionate about LGBTQ liberties and representation that is latinx.

Jul 6, 2020 7:30 pm

Michael Cimino in “Love, Victor”

You can find more LGBTQ tales and figures on television than previously, however some pesky Hollywood belief systems die difficult. Whenever twentieth Century Fox released “Love, Simon” in 2018, it had been the initial major studio blockbuster to focus around a gay teenager character being released. Exactly what was indeed an almost too typical trope in queer cinema for a long time just had its main-stream outing couple of years ago — making the milestone both momentous and years far too late. Much like other studio hits centering underrepresented identities, the truth that it took way too long is indicative of Hollywood’s heel-dragging approach on progress.

That’s why it is both demoralizing and unsurprising to discover that the long-held belief that unknown actors shouldn’t play homosexual continues to be alive and well in Hollywood; at the very least based on promising newcomer Michael Cimino, whom plays a teen discovering their queerness in Hulu’s adorable intimate comedy for teenagers, “Love, Victor.”


Set in the wonderful world of “Love, Simon,” the television show centers on Victor Salazar (Cimino) additionally the unique challenges he faces in accepting an alternate sexuality while navigating their tight-knit Colombian-American household. Fresh-faced and emanating a contagious positivity, Cimino radiates heat and charisma as Victor, who stays positive as he balances an innovative new college, brand new gf, and a very disruptive brand new kid crush. It’s Cimino’s first role that is leading their biggest one yet, and, propelled by the prosperity of “Love, Victor,” a fruitful job should lie ahead.