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Having an unstable self-image and no strong feeling of self.

Having an unstable self-image and no strong feeling of self.

Your character could have no clear notion of whom they are—their character, their values, their identity—leaving them experiencing hollow. To pay, they may imitate and follow the faculties of other people. Exactly how might your other figures respond should your BPD character took on the needs and wants, their thinking and objectives? What type of issues could this cause?

Criterion 6:

Experiencing empty, useless or lonely over long expanses of time.

In the event the character had an invalidating childhood—in other terms, their feelings had been dismissed, ignored or taken care of immediately inappropriately and inconsistently—their feeling of worth might have plummeted. This sense of emptiness and loneliness is deep-seated, like a bit of on their own is lacking, and certainly will keep them experiencing susceptible.

Criterion 7:

Experiencing serious mood swings, that may endure anywhere from hours to times (e.g., feeling cranky, depressed or anxious).

Imagine your character’s psychological nerves are exposed, during the area of these epidermis. Little causes, often unknown into the character on their own, can set those nerves afire. Their emotional outbursts aren’t a ploy for attention, as might be the truth with some body with histrionic personality condition, but a genuine display of overwhelming feeling.

These swift changes in moods are extreme and sudden—small causes in a scene could improve your character’s mood from pleasure to fury in a blink—and these volatile feelings frequently take a time that is long settle back again.

Criterion 8:

Experiencing unexpected, intense and anger that is often uncontrollable violence, that may result in loss in mood or physical fights, or showing this anger in improper means or circumstances.

Because those psychological nerves are exposed, any genuine or thought insults directed towards your character could spark rage, manifesting in explosive shows of anger or fights that are physical.