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Hi5 profile. Turn your website into community based site.Eg

Hi5 profile. Turn your website into community based site.Eg

Internet Dating Sites, Hi5, Twitter, Myspace

Administrate your members at back end with login access. Solution to enable/disable display that is profile front end.

Consumer Plugin System Plugin Profile Random Module That Is On The Web Module Final Logged in Module Latest Profile Picture Module Twitter Login Module

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Advance Member Re Search.

This plugin runs the WordPress that is standard profile inclue extra attributes such as for example picture, company, target, phone number, as well as others. A person’s whole profile can then be production as an hCard on any web web page with the profile shortcode, or.

This plugin is just a widget to incorporate the Twitter Tools Profile Widget , including all configurable options, without necessity to copy/paste rule.

Adds ‘Posts’ url to member’s profile web web page, and shows user’s blogs on that web page.

Profile Complete % (PCP) is just a dependency associated with Profile module in core. It permits administrators who possess access to make use of the module to tag developed profile industries as things required for a user become 100% complete when filling in their profile.

Advanced Profile Kit provides blocks for placing user that is together fancy pages like those commonly entirely on social network web sites. It’s supposed to work with Panels, though the supplied pieces can be utilized within the theme layer in the event that you.

Show users which have recently checked out your profile on report pages.

Real time demo can be obtained at (registration is needed seriously to access user pages)

Who has got checked out your profile?

This easy plugin songs and shows who has been visiting your profile or other individual pages in a WordPress / BuddyPress / WPbbPress installation. a d-dedusociald-dedt that is important to.

A checkout pane called “Profile” is used and created to retrieve every one of the areas from the profile category called “ubercart.”